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      廈門/雷姆沙伊德  湯結 





      GHM集團在中國市場(含港澳臺地區)服務了眾多客戶,并且擁有良好合作關系的重要合作伙伴。在與中航國際廈門公司達成的戰略合作關系下,借助中航國際廈門公司的強力支持,我們能夠為許多行業客戶提供更新層次的技術、供應鏈和現場支持服務。我們非常高興能有這樣的機會?!薄?Johannes Overhues,GHM集團CEO



      中航國際廈門公司是中國航空工業集團有限公司(簡稱“航空工業”)旗下中國航空技術國際控股有限公司 (簡稱“中航國際”)的投資企業。中航國際廈門公司秉持“超越商業 共創美好世界”的使命,以“打造一流企業集群,成為備受員工熱愛,客戶推崇,社會尊重的世界級優秀企業”為發展愿景,致力成為先進制造綜合解決方案提供商。中航國際在2019年的業務規模已超過1660億元人民幣。

      AVIC INTL XIAMEN and GHM GROUP Proudly Announce a Strategic Partnership

      Xiamen / Remscheid  01/10/2020

      GHM Group and AVIC International Xiamen Company Limited (AVIC INTL Xiamen) proudly announce a strategic partnership for the Chinese market including Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. Chinese customers will benefit from very strong support of AVIC INTL Xiamen and more than 56 years of experience and high-quality products manufactured in Germany and Northern Italy from GHM Group. Both parties have signed an agreement for exclusive distribution of Val.co products for level and flow measurement solution effective December 7, 2019. This strong partnership will immediately enhance many Chinese OEM manufacturers to address complex and non-standard level measurement tasks based on float technology.

      With the historical footprint in the market of wastewater treatment in China, both parties have also committed to partner up with supplying durable and rugged probes and integrated systems for conductivity, pH and flow. 

      “GHM Group already serves many customers in the Chinese market including Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao with some valued and well established partners. With this new strategic cooperation and the strong support of AVIC INTL Xiamen we will be able to apply new level of technological, logistical and field support within many industries. We are very glad for this opportunity. Johannes Overhues, CEO of GHM Group.  

       “Over the past four decades of development, AVIC INTL Xiamen has accumulated rich domestic sales experience and diversified customer channels across various industry sectors. AVIC INTL Xiamen is honored to have entered into strategic cooperation relationship with GHM Group and been authorized as the exclusive distributor of Val.co. We are ready to work together with GHM Group to exploit the Chinese market by fully utilizing the advantages of both sides and aim towards brighter prospects for win-win cooperation.” Lin Yu, President of AVIC International Xiamen Company Limited 

      GHM Group is a global sensor manufacturer with 6 manufacturing sites in Germany and Italy and 7 sales & service subsidiaries in Netherland, Czech Republic, Denmark, India, Brazil, South Africa and France. GHM Group develops, manufactures and distributes sensor for flow, level, temperature, pressure, conductivity, pH, dissolved oxygen, CO and CO2 as well as humidity, wind, weather, solar radiation, optical radiation, sound & vibration and thermal comfort. Completing the value chain of their customers, GHM also offers controllers, sensor-boards and fully stand-alone data acquisition systems as well as data loggers and signal conditioning systems. GHM has total revenue of around 42m€. 

      AVIC INTL Xiamen is an investment enterprise of AVIC International Holding Corporation (AVIC INTL) under the control of Aviation Industry Corporation of China, Ltd. (AVIC). With the mission of "Go beyond commerce for a better world" and the vision of "To foster a first-class enterprise group and to become a world-leading enterprise loved by its employees, praised by its customers and respected by the society.", AVIC INTL Xiamen is committed to becoming a comprehensive solution provider for advanced manufacturing. The business scale of AVIC INTL has reached over 166B RMB in 2019.